Morgan has finished building the first four of its limited-run Plus 4 70th Anniversary Edition models. The quartet was completed just before the company’s decision to close its Malvern factory for a month to help halt the spread of coronavirus – the first time its doors have been closed for an extended period since the war.

Built to celebrate 70 years of Plus 4 production, Morgan will build 20 anniversary editions in all, with each individually numbered and built to a unique specification. Not only will they be the swansong for Morgan’s traditional steel frame chassis – a version of which has been in production since the Morgan 4-4 was introduced in 1936 – they will mark the end of the Plus 4 in its current guise.

The all-new Plus Four was launched earlier last month, underpinned by Morgan’s latest CX-Generation aluminium platform. The new Plus Four is referred to with a wordmark as opposed to the numerical reference of its predecessor, and will replace the outgoing 4/4, Plus 4 and Roadster. For a short period of time, the last of the traditional steel chassis Plus 4 models are being built alongside the new Plus Four cars.

Plus 4

First built in 1950, the Plus 4 has been one of the company’s best-selling models throughout seven decades of production. For the first time ever, the chassis will be painted in gold on the anniversary edition, highlighting its significance in Morgan’s 111-year history. They’ll also feature a numbered plaque, an embroidered headrest, and – to mark the model’s platinum anniversary – special Platinum Metallic paint. You even get a commemorative photographic build record with each car.

Other features include satin dark grey wire wheels, a motorsport-inspired front valance and smart black detailing, while inside you’ll find specially sourced leather upholstery with heated performance seats and other extras like a satin black Moto-Lita steering wheel. Under the bonnet, an engine map courtesy of Morgan’s in-house motorsport specialists, Aero Racing, raises power from 154bhp to 180bhp.

The Plus 4 70th Anniversary Edition is priced at a fiver shy of £61,000, but you’re out of luck if you fancy ordering one. With enthusiasts keen to mark the model’s platinum milestone, deposits have already been taken on every one of the 20 cars.