In recognition of the MG Maestro’s 30th birthday, the Maestro and Montego Owners’ Club wants to reunite as many surviving cars as it can – at the BL Autumn Rally on Sunday, September 30.

“Obviously we have the details of those who own them and are in the club, but we’re trying to reach non-club members. We’re working with the MG FWD Register of the MG Car Club and are currently in touch with the MG Owners’ Club who will hopefully also help us,” explained organiser Tanya Field.

Running or otherwise, now’s the time to come forward and show your Maestro Turbo – even if it’s part way through a restoration or on a trailer.


After a low key launch at the Birmingham Motor Show in October 1988, just 505 MG Maestro Turbos were built as part of a three year production run, a carburetted riposte to the Vauxhall Astra GTE 16v and VW Golf GTI 16v achieved by shoehorning the Montego Turbo’s blown 2.0-litre engine into the bay of a Maestro. Performance for the day was considerable; contemporary advertising boasted of the Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini, Lotus and Aston models it could outpace.

Cars began life on the Maestro assembly line in Cowley before travelling to coachbuilders Tickford where they received their five piece body kits and graphics.

Many Maestro Turbos succumbed to rust, poor tuning or track day crashes; survivors are rare and sought after – and values are rising for the few cars still extant.

Want to show off your Maestro Turbo? Let the MG FWD Register know via the MG CC website or the MG FWD Register Facebook.