A team of intrepid Austin-Rover enthusiasts are to set off on a tour of the UK to raise money for charities supporting research into and treatment of prostate cancer.

Under the name of Maestro Madness 2020, friends Chris Warwick, Simon Ackers, Rob Mepham, Tom Mepham, Mike Canter and Neil Canter will be visiting towns in the UK beginning with the letters of the world prostate in order to raise awareness of the disease as well as gain funds for Prostate Cancer UK and the Prostate Cancer Research Centre.

“Along with a couple of my friends, Rob and Simon and I, we own classic cars and we like to go on a few roads trips when we get time,” said organiser Chris Warwick. “We’re always looking on the usual online platforms for rare and interesting cars. Last October Rob spotted a Henley Blue Austin Maestro for sale on eBay, and shared it with Simon and me. It caught my imagination and I then then suggested we should all get Maestros

“This became a bit of joke for a few weeks, until Rob suggested, somewhat off the cuff, that if we were each going to get one and do a road trip then we should only do it if it is for charity. At that time, Rob’s father was undergoing treatment for prostate cancer, and his father-in-law had just been diagnosed with it too, so Rob suggested that it should be for one of the cancer charities.

“This quickly snowballed from an idea into what seemed like a full-blown plan, which was to buy the cars, and drive around England visiting locations beginning with the letters that made up the word P.R.O.S.T.A.T.E.

“A trip to the Classic Car Show at the NEC in November saw Rob and I sign up as members of the Maestro and Montego Owners Club, and before we knew it we were on the look-out for cars. The plan was to buy three cars and a support van, which would obviously have to be a Maestro van.

“The purchase of a van and cars quickly followed over the period of about six weeks, and as we started to publicise our trip on social media and amongst friends, the number of participants who wanted to join us grew, and we are now at six Maestros and one van!”

The adventurers start their trip on Wednesday August 26 and finish at Ripon Classic Car Show in Yorkshire on the Bank Holiday Sunday, before driving home on the Bank Holiday Monday. To find out more, follow the lads on Instagram at @maestromadness2020 or look for Maestro Madness 2020 on Facebook. The team’s fundraising site can be found at here.