Lotus’ official 70th anniversary celebration played host to the largest ever gathering of Lotus cars on September 29, with 1600 cars returning home to the firm’s Hethel base in Norfolk. An impressive 8000 Lotus owners and enthusiasts attended the sold-out event, as well as a huge number online through live streams.

Lotus road and competition cars of all ages were present, including a Lotus Mark IV, ’60s legends such as the original Elan and Elite, as well as classic F1 demos from Classic Team Lotus, which saw the DFV-powered Lotus 49, iconic Lotus 43 and Lotus 79 all take centre stage.

On hand with static displays of their own were 14 owners clubs, which had travelled from all over the world to join the celebrations. In addition, a secret concours competition took place with a rally Sunbeam Lotus taking the top spot.

Speaking at the event, Group Lotus Plc’s CEO, Mr. Feng Qingfeng said: “Today has been an amazing day of celebration. To have met so many Lotus owners and enthusiasts, and understand their passion for our brand is truly inspiring.

“We are committed to our home in Norfolk, and there’s no place better to gather and remember what Lotus stands for and what makes it so special as a leading automotive marque. To have so many of our cars return home has really made the day, and I’d like to thank everyone for their help and support, both now and in the future, as we grow and develop the business.”