A 17 year-old classic car enthusiast from Hampshire has become the Leyland Princess Owners’ Club’s youngest member

William Bray, from Havant, recently joined the ‘Club after buying a 1980 Princess 1700HL advertised on social media. “For as long as I can remember I have always loved – and wanted – a Leyland Princess,” William explained.

He continued: “The unique shape of the car really attracted me to them; growing up I had seen nothing like it before! Since I was about 13 years old I have been checking websites online hoping to see a Princess for sale locally.

Four years later I finally got lucky! I opened Facebook to see a red 1980 Princess 1700HL was being offered for free to a good home.

Immediately I messaged the owner explaining how much I have wanted one and a week later he told me I could have it! My Dad and I travelled the hour ‘s drive away to collect it from the family who had owned it since it was three years old.”

The Princess has been off the road since 1994, age appropriate tax disc and all.

So far, William and his dad have worked on the car every day since purchase; having pumped up the Hydrolastic suspension, the pair recently began stripping the Princess’s engine.

William added: “Although the car has kept very well, it is still in need of spare parts. This is why I joined the Leyland Princess Enthusiasts’ Club – they have been incredibly helpful in sourcing the parts I need to finally put my dream car back on the road, which, thanks to their assistance, could be sooner than I was expecting!”

“It’s great to have a young and enthusiastic owner in the club and to be able to assist him with getting his dream car back on the road,” commented Kev Davis, club president. “We need young people becoming active in the classic car world, not only to ensure the future of our hobby but to preserve these historic cars for future generations to appreciate.”