A new official Guinness World Record for the longest parade of Land Rovers has been set to celebrate the marque’s 70th anniversary.

An impressive 640 vehicles were gathered to mark the occasion, which took part as part of a hot and dusty Billing Off-Road Show in Northampton.

A convoy of 908 vehicles completed a three-mile scenic route on flat grass and tracks, but strict rules dictate how close each vehicle must stay to the one in front, and Guinness said just 640 qualified. However, that still beats the previous record of 632, which was set in Germany during May.

The range of cars included Land Rover and Range Rover models spanning seven decades. They ranged from a 1955 Land Rover Series 1 Station Wagon, affectionately known as ‘Oxford ‘ and one of two that set out on the ‘First Overland’ expedition, right through to the latest plug-in hybrid Range Rover PHEV and everything in-between!

The event was supported by Lancaster Insurance, which took part in the convoy in a Discovery 5 with just seven miles on the clock. Andrew Evanson, Lancaster Insurance’s Senior Operations Manager, said: “It’s a special year for Land Rover and we’re thrilled to have played a part of marking the occasion with enthusiasts from all over the country. Setting a new Guinness World Record is a huge achievement so an enormous well done and congratulations to all involved.”