Lancaster Insurance’s annual car giveaway has become a long-standing tradition, with 2023’s prize – a 1970 Austin-Healey Sprite in fetching Bronze Yellow – handed over to its new owner at Lancaster’s Cambridgeshire headquarters on November 29.

The lucky winner was Les from Ashbourne in Derbyshire. Les has been a classic car fan for many years, having owned Mini Coopers, TVRs, an MGB and a Reliant Scimitar. He currently runs a Series 3 Land Rover, which has now been joined by the Sprite.

“I get regular newsletters from Lancaster, and one day it had the competition entry box, so I ticked it, filled everything in then forgot all about it!” Les recalls. “Then I got an email out of the blue saying congratulations. I was gobsmacked. I never won anything like this before!”

Lancaster’s Senior Operations Manager, Andrew Evanson, added: “It’s a beautiful car, and I’m really pleased to be handing it over to true enthusiast.”

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