Of all the Bond cars, the Aston Martin DB5 driven by Sean Connery’s in the 1964 hit film Goldfinger is surely the most iconic. For those of a certain age, the Corgi model of the movie car was a must-have toy, especially as it came complete with a working ejector seat. Well now there’s 1:8 scale Lego equivalent to get all nostalgic over – all 1290 individual pieces of it.

Part of its Expert Creator range, the Lego DB5 became available in stores on July 18 and features all the gadgets and gizmos you’d expect of an authentic miniature Bond car. Amongst the features are revolving number plates, a bulletproof shield, front wing machine guns and wheel-mounted tyre scythes. Extra hidden machine guns are deployed by pulling back on the gear knob, while that all-important ejector seat is activated by pulling back on the rear bumper.

In fairness, the smooth lines of the DB5 are a little compromised by being in Lego form, it’s still recognisable as an Aston and the detail is impressive. The model includes neat sloped headlamps, lacquered silver bumpers and miniature Aston Martin wing logos. Popping the bonnet reveals a detailed six cylinder, and opening the doors of the car to reveals a radar tracker and a telephone tucked away in the secret door compartment.

With an RRP of £129.99 the Lego DB5 can’t be labelled as cheap, but it’s surely the perfect project for budding 007 fans and collectors. It’s recommended for over-16s, so this is far more likely to be sat on a mantelpiece rather than being thrown around a bedroom floor!