Jaguar Land Rover Classic (JLRC) has revealed its first all-electric vehicle to the public: the E-type Zero, a battery-powered, fully restored Series 1.5 iteration of “the most beautiful car in the world.”

What’s more, JLRC director Tim Hannig revealed that any XK-powered classic Jaguar – such as the XK120, Mk2 and XJ6 could be converted, thanks to the reverse engineering carried out during the development of the Zero’s drivetrain; some components, JLRC confirmed, are shared with the forthcoming all-electric I-PACE.

Designed to closely mimic the weight and dimensions of the E-type’s original power plant, the car’s structure, including suspension and brakes remain unchanged. JLRC claim that the Zero drives, handles, rides and brakes like an original E-type. Front-to-rear weight distribution is unchanged – although the car tips the scales at 46kg less than the original.

JLRC claims a “real world” range of 270km (about 170 miles) and a 5.5-second 0-60 time for the E-type Zero, helped by a low kerb weight and good aerodynamics. It uses a 40kWh battery, which can be recharged from home overnight, typically in six to seven hours, depending on power source.

Meant as a visibility exercise, it’s clear that other conversions could be on the table should demand be there.

Summarising the project, Hannig concluded: “Our aim with E-type Zero is to future-proof classic car ownership. We’re looking forward to the reaction of our clients as we investigate bringing this concept to market.”