With historic vehicles set receive MoT exemptions from Sunday, May 20, it’s worth reminding ourselves of the new procedures owners will have to go through to get their car recognised as a Vehicle of Historic Interest (VHI).

Owners of cars aged 40 or older will need to fill in a V112 form at their local Post Office after VHI exemptions come in.

Your classic will no longer need an MoT after the V112 form has been signed, provided it is as it left the factory or any modifications are safety-enhancing, such as a brake upgrade from drums to discs.

Historic vehicles with ‘substantial alterations’ (such as an engine swap) will need to go through the yearly MoT as usual.

Exempt or otherwise, your car has to be kept roadworthy at all times – if found to be dangerous, you risk fines of up to £2500 and as many as three penalty points on your licence.