Fuel prices are on the rise, with petrol increasing for the seventh consecutive month in May according to new data from the RAC.

Figures reveal that the average cost of one litre of unleaded petrol went up by 2.24p during the month of May to 129.27p, while diesel also increased by 1.95p to 131.59p. In the seven months since November 2020 – which is the last time fuel costs fell – petrol has increased by 15.5p. The RAC says petrol is also 22p-per-litre more expensive than in May 2020 – the largest yearly increase in 11 years.

“After seven consecutive months of rising prices, drivers will be wondering if the increases are ever going to end,” said RAC fuel spokesman Simon Williams. “We’ve now witnessed the biggest petrol price rise in any 12-month period since May 2010, when unleaded rocketed from 99p a year earlier to 121p.”

At time of writing, unleaded fuel had risen to 129.72p according to RAC data, but of more concern to classic owners was the cost of super unleaded – at 140.97p it’s over 11p a litre more expensive. However, this may not show the true differentiation between Super and Premium at many garages. From our own observations and data from www.petrolprices.com, the difference can be as much as 20p, with 149.99p for super not uncommon.

With E5 set to be maintained only in the Super grade from September as E10 is rolled out, this price differentiation is an area of worry, and could leave classic owners hit in the pocket.

It’s something we at Classics World will be keeping an eye on – classic car owners could be set to suffer badly if the trend continues. In the meantime, have you seen higher prices for super unleaded in your area? Please be sure to let us know at ccb.ed@kelsey.co.uk