Fiat introduced their modern Fiat 500 in 2007, closely styled on the classic original that had debuted 50 years earlier in 2007. The new car has been a runaway success for the company, and has included numerous special editions along the way.

This year they have introduced another special edition – the Fiat 500 Spiaggina 58 – to celebrate 60 years since the introduction of the Fiat 500 Spiaggina, styled by Ghia and often called the Jolly.

With a fabric canopy for a roof, no doors and seats made from wicker, the original Jolly sold at a premium price and has since gone on to earn cult status around the world. The new version is a little disappointing in comparison, featuring little more than vintage Fiat logos and wheels, a white belt liner, the choice of convertible format only, a two-tone interior and a special colour of Volare Blue.

However, if you want something that rather more closely reflects the original, then there is an alternative. Garage Italia and design firm Pininfarina have produced their own show car (with support from Fiat) as a tribute – the Spiaggina by Garage Italia.

The roof on this has, just like the traditional ’60s Spiaggina, been removed and the rear passenger space has been transformed into a generous compartment which can accommodate all the beach essentials.

This modification was made possible thanks to the support of Pininfarina technicians, who assisted Garage Italia staff with the structural reinforcement work such as the rear roll-bar to ensure chassis rigidity.


The show car also has a lowered nautical windscreen, and the load platform is covered in slatted cork with a pattern recalling the design of teak floor boards on luxury yachts.

The two front seats have been replaced by a tailor-made bench, embellished with blue and white Foglizzo Leather upholstery with a waterproof treatment.

Fiat’s Spiaggina ‘58 will be limited to just 1958 examples, but surprisingly the Spiaggina by Garage Italia can allegedly be ordered, customised with all the features seen on this one-off and equipped with any of the engine versions currently available on the Fiat 500 range.

Prices, build times and ordering procedures have yet to be published, however.