The three amateur restorers tackling this year’s eBay Car Challenge have just five weeks to complete their restorations. eBay has given each restorer £4,000 to return their vehicle back to their former glory using parts and accessories bought from the online marketplace. With the 10th July deadline looming the three finalists are feeling the heat.

Dan Goude – 1964 Land Rover Series 2, Manchester

Dan has removed the roof and front section of his 1964 Series 2a Land Rover (known as ‘Bertha’) and now he’s focusing on the engine. In need of a total overhaul, Dan is conscious that the iconic 4×4’s heritage should be preserved. His favourite moment from the challenge so far was finding an eBay seller making original specification Land Rover panels from a base just down the road from the very first Land Rover factory in Longbridge.

Alex Morris – 1967 Alfa Romeo Duetto, Devon

Alex’s Alfa is his first restoration project. With the clock ticking, the rare Duetto currently has no engine, gearbox, doors, dashboard, roof, interiors or bumpers. And with Alex undertaking a full re-spray to return the Duetto to its original gleaming white, the project has a long way to go. But he’s keeping his cool with a little help from some encouraging eBay sellers providing support along the way. It’s full steam ahead and Alex is confident he’ll be hitting the Devon roads come the impending July deadline.

Carl Pickard – 1974 VW Bay Window Shorty, Southampton

The VW bay window shorty camper is undergoing a thorough make-over. Working ten hour days, Carl is turning his much loved ‘shorty’ into a unique vehicle that will turn heads wherever it goes. The £4,000 provided by eBay has helped him transform the rusty chrome into gleaming copper, which will sit next to resprayed black panels.

Having already retro-fitted a new (short) roof for the camper, Carl is itching to get down to ground level and fit the 18” ‘spinner’ rims he recently found on eBay. With all the adrenalin and enthusiasm of a marathon runner, Carl will soon find out if he has the stamina to cross the finish line in time.

Murray Lambell, director of retail, eBay, says, “It’s a really interesting time to be checking in with our restorers. They’re at a critical stage of their respective projects.

“As well as all the parts they’ve provided, it’s also been great to see how much support eBay sellers have been giving Carl, Dan and Alex. That wealth of knowledge and expertise has been invaluable during the challenge.”

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