British oil brand Duckhams is to return to shelves following the brand’s re-launch at the recent Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show with Discovery.

Two monograde oils, an SAE30 and a SAE40 respectively, plus one multi-grade and Duckhams Classic Q20w-50 are now currently available and the company plans to concentrate on lubricants for classic cars first, before moving back into the motorsport and modern car markets it once dominated in the Fifties, Sixties and Seventies.

“We have painstakingly recreated the green colour to Duckhams Q20w-50 Multigrade that everyone knows but have ensured that the formulation has moved with the times to offer the latest technology to protect cherished engines, both out on the road and in winter hibernation,” explained Martin Gough, Duckhams’ Director for Classic, Motorsport and Industrial.

When Duckhams Q was launched in 1951, the age of multigrade oil had arrived. Further development of Q20w-50 with Morris provided oil suitable for the gearbox-in-sump drivetrain of the Mini and provided British Motor Corporation (BMC) with a lubricant that could cope with lubricating both the engine and gearbox. Despite the oil’s achievements, independent Duckhams was absorbed into BP in the Seventies and was eventually sold by the petrochemical giant in 2011.