A freshly restored Bedford Green Goddess – star of Jimmy Doherty’s Dream Builds On Wheels on Discovery+ – is set to make its public debut at the Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show on 12–14 November

The vehicle, which first entered service with the Irish Auxiliary Fire Service in the early 50s, has been subject to a thorough restoration – and has been transformed into a camper by Jimmy Doherty (of Jimmy’s Farm fame) and engineer Jimmy de Ville of Goblin Works Garage. In their show, the pair meet others creating their own camper conversions, gathering inspiration for their own four-month long Green Goddess project.

“I had no idea there’s this whole world of people doing up random vehicles into campervans,” Doherty said. “I was at a farm in Scotland speaking to a barn manager, and she was telling me how she no longer has horses, but she’s got an old horse box she’s doing up.

“Some of the vehicles out there are phenomenal. Army trucks, old ambulances, four by fours… There was one van that had a fairy house on the back, like ‘Gandalf’s getaway’, and an old army ambulance that was like a posh London gentleman’s club — all mahogany and red leather,” he added.

The finished Green Goddess will be on display in Hall 5 at the Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show, which is set to take place on 12–14 November. Jimmy Doherty will be taking to the Discovery+ Live Stage on the Sunday to share the story of the restoration, while Jimmy De Ville will also be on hand across the whole show to explain more.

Tickets to the show can be booked in advance here before midnight on Thursday, November 11. Use the code KELSEYMAG for a £2 discount!