A new historic vehicle maintenance course starting in April wants to set first-time classic car owners down the straight and narrow.

Banbury and Bicester College’s Classic Motor Vehicle Maintenance Course is aimed at absolute beginners; places are still available should you wish to take the plunge.

Run by lecturers from the College’s Historic Vehicle Restoration Apprenticeship Scheme, instruction is to take place at Bicester Heritage, home of the Flywheel Festival, Sunday Scramble and numerous classic vehicle specialists.

“We’re finding more people than ever before are jumping into classic ownership having only owned and run modern cars,” course lecturer Dhugal Hunt explained.

“Changing a wheel, checking the oil, looking for rust, maintaining a carburettor,” are covered. “Essential things you wouldn’t be familiar with running a modern car. At the moment, we’re gauging interest,” continued Dhugal.

Two- and five-day courses are planned – and organisers Activate Learning will supply full details by email or by phone.