Responding to the huge success of its 25th Birthday celebrations in Bridgnorth last month, Shropshire-based specialist Classic Motor Cars is to bow to popular demand and stage a similar event next year. This time it’ll mark the 60th anniversary of the Mk2 Jaguar, with the celebrations set to take place on Sunday June 1, 2019.

Launched in 1959 to replace the outgoing 2.4 and 3.4 litre saloon models (retrospectively known as the Mk1), the Mk2 would remain in production for the best part of a decade. Beloved of police forces and villains alike, it went on to achieve legendary status, bringing a level of luxury to the wider motoring public that was previously out of reach. The Mk2 was also famous for its TV and film appearances, particularly as the car driven by fictional TV detective Inspector Morse, played by John Thaw.

CMC has had a long association with the Mk2 for course, restoring many examples since it was founded in 1993. It’s also well known for joining forces with Jaguar design boss Ian Callum to build a modernised and redesigned Mk2 in 2014.

Nigel Woodward, CMC Managing Director said: “Given the flatteringly large response to our 25th Birthday Celebrations and the calls for a repeat event next year, we all felt that the obvious reason would be to celebrate arguably Jaguar’s most iconic saloon on its 60th Birthday, so that is what we are delighted to announce we are doing!

“Plans are already in hand to repeat the features of the 25th that people are telling us they so enjoyed, but the team are looking at ways to refine and polish the day to make it an even more enjoyable one for the thousands who we hope will choose to come along.

“One of the highlights will be a MkII concours but there will also be a special run and other exciting features, details of which will be released over the coming months.”

For more information on the event as it is announced, see Classic Motor Cars