Yes, you read that right, you may be able to borrow a classic car for up to 12 months, from April 2019 as part of the Classic Car Loan Project – honest, no catch!

The Classic Car Loan Project, sponsored by Peter James Insurance, has been highly successful in putting a range of young new classic car drivers behind the wheel over the past two years.

Cars currently on loan are a 1929 Ford Model A, 1934 Morgan Super Sports – 3 wheeler, 1960 Vauxhall Victor and a 1983 Austin Maestro.

All these cars will be available again for 2019, plus some exciting new additions including a 1934 Austin 7, a 1951 Morgan F Super ,1956 Ford Anglia 100E and a 1968 Morris Minor Traveller. With more cars expected to be added soon!

Cars will be handed over in April 2019, ready for their ‘borrowers’ to enjoy the season.

So, do you fancy one of these cars? Well naturally there are conditions such as:
(i) Lower age limit for drivers is 25 years (at April 2019).
(ii) Facilities: borrowers must have a secure garage.
(iii) Agreement: borrowers must conform to an agreement covering insurance, general usage and care.
(iv) Borrowers must make regular reports to owner / club.

More details will be available on the Classic Car Loan Project website soon (site due to launch at end of October).

So, how do you apply for one of these cars? Apply, in the first instance, to Project Manager Bob Wilkinson by email by the end of December.

Bob Wilkinson told Classics World, “This exciting opportunity has opened the door to the classic car world for younger drivers (one participant has bought herself a car already!) and has given car clubs a platform from which they can encourage the next generation of classic car owners.”

He added?: “There is still room for more offers of loan cars from clubs and individual owners, who can contact me for further information, and I am looking forward to the next phase in 2019.”