Renowned specialist Charles Ware Morris Minor Centre has closed its doors after 41 years, although its parts and car sales arms remain

The long-established Charles Ware Morris Minor Centre Limited, which operated a vehicle restoration business in Bristol, ceased trading last month after 41 years and entered the process of liquidation.

Former property developer Charles Ware set the business up in 1976 following a property crash, and originally operated from Bath before moving to Bristol in 2009. Over the years the centre kept scores of Minors on the road, and in 2003 Ware was given the Green Apple award for environmental services to the motor industry. Sadly, he passed away in 2015, and in 2019, the business was sold to Ecotec Partners.

On November 11, the doors to the restoration business were closed. “Like many other businesses we have faced difficulties over the last two years with the global Covid-19 pandemic, the effects of Brexit, and other issues, and as such, it is no longer possible to continue forward,” said a statement on the company’s website. It’s particularly devastating for the staff, many of whom had worked at Charles Ware for decades.

Charles Ware Parts Limited and Charles Ware Classic Car Sales and Hire Limited continue to trade and are unaffected by this announcement.