New car and car-related events may not go ahead on Brighton’s Madeira Drive in future due to environmental concerns, we learn. 

A call from Green councillors to review any events involving “the display or racing of vehicles with a combustion engine” on a case-by-case basis was approved on October 21. According to Green councillor Clare Rainey, nine out of 18 events along Madeira Drive involved displaying or racing cars, motorbikes and other vehicles with combustion engines.

However, current events, like the Brighton Speed Trails and London to Brighton Mini Run, look set to be safe for now. “We are not proposing to stop any current car related events,” added Rainey. “We’re just asking that new events that involve displaying vehicles should come before the committee.”

Conservative councillor Robert Nemeth voted against the proposal, citing the “joy” that car-related events brought to many people. Fellow Conservative councillor Mary Mears was also against the move, saying that people needed to understand how the city survived and that closing down events would leave it out of pocket.