It seems as though ‘barn find’ has become one of the most misused terms of recent years, with just about any old car that’s been dragged from a lock-up garage being described as such.

But when Chris Westwood, a prolific contributor to our sister title Classic Car mart, came across a hoard of classics in an actual barn on a real working farm, there can be no dispute that it qualifies for the title!

The location is described as ‘somewhere in Shropshire,’ with Chris understandably keen to keep it vague in fairness to the owner.

“The story goes that the owner of the cars rented the barn from a local farmer as he needed to find storage for them,” explains Chris. “That was a long time ago, and some of the cars are thought to have been there for up to 20 years.”

With the farmer keen to regain use of his barn at some point soon, the tenant has been asked to move the cars on – and at the time of writing, their fate remains unknown. We will, of course, provide updates to this story as and when we hear them.

The collection is varied in terms of makes and models, with various Citroens (CX Safari, BX and ZX) sharing space with a number of MkI Golfs, a couple of MkIV Escorts (including an XR3i), a long-wheelbase MkI Transit and even a down-at-heel Mini Moke. There are also examples of the MGB GT, as well as a brace of scarce Peugeots – a 505 GTi and a 604 D-Turbo.