Bicester Heritage, home to over 40 specialist motoring businesses and various events, has unveiled its masterplan for ‘Bicester Motion’ – a 444-acre development designed to be the UK’s first automotive resort. The idea is to provide not only a comprehensive showcase for the past, present, and future of the motoring industry, but also a stage for events and conferences, with the aim cultivating the business relationships so critical for the industry’s expected growth.

Bicester Heritage currently occupies just five per cent of the site, so the potential for expansion is huge. Unanimous approval has already been given to a 344-room hotel and conference centre, but Bicester Motion will also feature a driving experience centre catering for all ages, complete with on and off-road courses, drivers’ training programmes and even an autonomous vehicle area. It will also benefit from private car storage complete with supporting facilities, as well as restaurants and cafés, the new F.A.S.T. hub for automotive development, an exhibition centre and a country park and lodge, which will involve reclaiming the old quarry and industrial area. The project promises to bring 2000 skilled jobs and 30-plus new businesses to the location.

Altogether the Bicester Motion project hopes to become a UK top 20 tourist attraction, making the most of its unique history, specialist facilities, and geographically strategic location. More information can be found via