The Ace Cafe has announced its list of monthly car meets, bringing a wide mix of machinery to the historic London venue based just off the North Circular (A406).

On the last Saturday of the month from 4pm, the cafe plays host to an All-American Cruise-in, and a Pre-Chelsea Cruise Meet. It’s weekdays that are especially busy, however, with car meets on all but a handful of nights.

The first Monday of the month is German night, with the second hosted by automotive culture website Fueltopia. This is followed on the third Monday by the French Classic and Performance meet, and on the last Monday by the Porsche Meet.

On Tuesdays, the month begins with the S2RS Club Members Invitational Meet, followed a week later by the Classic Car Night, which also includes gatherings for the Lotus 7 Club and the Midget and Sprite Club. The VW Air-Cooled Night takes place on the third Tuesday, with its water-cooled equivalent for all VAG built cars following the week after.

Hot Rod Night takes place every first Wednesday, with the British Sports and Performance Car Night a fortnight later and the InCarNation Show ‘n’ Shine on the last Wednesday. Finally, the Mod ‘n’ Mini Nights for Scooters and Minis takes place on every first Thursday, while the second Thursday of the month is given over to Italian Night.

You’ll find the Ace Cafe in the Stonebridge area of north-west London. For more details, head to or check out our events listings for these and more to attend.