The Motor-Vision Awards offer you the chance of winning up to £20,000 to fulfill a motoring ambition

Do you have an amazing motoring dream, but not the funds to make it happen? Perhaps it’s a road trip you’ve always wanted to take, a record attempt, a vehicle restoration, a challenge, a charity project or something we can’t even begin to imagine? Well, back for their second year, and Performance Direct Insurance have announced the Motor-Vision Awards 2018, a unique motoring awards scheme that offers cash sponsorship of up to £20,000 to motoring enthusiasts with ambition.

Whether you need £100 or the whole £20,000, there’s no catch. If you’ve got a dream, they’ve got the cash to help you see it through. The weirder or more unusual the idea the better, though nothing irresponsible or dangerous – just original, achievable motoring ideas. This is the second year under the Motor-Vision banner, but the competition was run originally as The Non Standard Awards and past winners have set world records for the longest taxi journey ever, driven a Cadillac across the USA, restored a Jenson Interceptor for a classic wedding day, taken a Skoda Rapid on a pilgrimage, raced two reasonably priced cars at the Nürburgring, restored Europe’s first ever dragster and driven a Mini 1275GT around the world.

To enter, simply visit Motor Vision and send in your idea before 31st July 2018. A short list of the best applications will be drawn up, and the top four entrants will be invited to present their ideas to a celebrity motoring panel in London in September 2018. The organisers are happy to receive applications for projects requiring up to £20,000, but applications for smaller amounts will also be considered. There is no minimum application, and they are happy to act as a co-sponsor of a project. The Awards are only open to entrants from the UK, but the projects can take place anywhere in the world.