MGB car advert

One of the best ways of giving the MGB some extra appeal in the USA back in the early ’Seventies was to major on the fact that it was no mass-produced offering. This particular advert pointed out that the MGB was “still built with a marvelous device called the human hand”.

It was, of course, the latest in a series of MGs that had taken the American market by storm: “When the MG TC first came to America, it was love at first sight. And judging from the reception given today’s MGB, we haven’t lost our touch”.

Happily for fans of MG’s traditional approach, the B was “still crafted with the same workmanship that has built the MG reputation for tough, reliable, quick-handling sports cars”.

And as soon as they took to the wheel, buyers would instinctively know they were “driving a machine built by sports car enthusiasts for sports car enthusiasts”.