vauxhall cresta advert

The PC-series Cresta was perhaps one of Vauxhall’s most overlooked models, with just 53,912 cars produced during its seven-year production run of 1965-on.

Back in this launch-year advert, however, Vauxhall was confident of success – and was keen to stress the differences between the two different versions available at the time: “The Cresta has single headlamps. The de Luxe Cresta has twin headlamps – as well as individual front seats with the option of Ambla or leather.”

Both models offered good value for their size, with the basic Cresta costing just over £956 and the de Luxe coming in at around the £1058 mark. As Vauxhall explained, “these new Crestas have it all”.

And yet even the launch of Cresta estate in 1967 (a conversion carried out by specialist coachbuilder Martin Walter of Folkestone) failed to dramatically improve sales of the PC-series on the British market.