The Autumn 2003 issue of MG Rover News (the company’s customer magazine of the time) was an important one for fleet sales, announcing as it did the arrival of the MG ZT120 – priced at £15,995 and hailed as a ‘tax bargain for company car drivers.’

It was an ideal choice for any company car choosers faced with this dilemma: ‘You’ve seen the car you want, it looks good, it goes well but it’s outside your monthly allowance.’

The ZT120 – with CO2 emissions of 184g/km – was said to be different: ‘In tax terms, those emissions, together with the MG ZT 120’s low price, mean it sits in the 20% benefit in kind tax bracket with actual liabilities of £696 for a 22% tax payer.’ Tempting, wasn’t it?