If you were lucky enough to have more than £2000 to spend on a brand new upmarket sports car in the mid ’Sixties, you’d probably pop along to your nearest Jaguar dealer and order yourself a brand new E-Type. Or if you fancied a sporting saloon, a Mk2 or S-Type might fit the bill instead.

For a small number of discerning buyers, however, the Alfa Romeo 2600 range offered some intriguing alternatives.

Launched in 1962 and available in four-door Berlina (saloon), two-door Sprint (coupe) or Spider (convertible) guises, the 2600 was Alfa’s first six-cylinder post-war offering.

This particular British-spec brochure still contains its original Alfa Romeo price list for June 1964, showing the 2600 Spider listed a whopping £2496; but even that seemed good value compared with the £2899 price of the 2600 Sprint.

Most affordable of all was the 2600 Berlina – although at £2271, it was still a good £600-plus more expensive than the Jaguar S-Type.