The only large car offered by Standard-Triumph as the company eased itself into the ’Sixties was the long-running Vanguard and its Ensign derivative. And with the crucial new Triumph 2000 not due on sale until 1963, the company had to think of ways to keep the Vanguard competitive.

One solution was the launch of the Vanguard Luxury Six, a version of the Vanguard Vignale that had been launched two years earlier – but now with six-cylinder power for the first time. Fewer than 10,000 were produced between 1960 and 1963, but the Vanguard Luxury Six was a handy extra model, interesting for using a version of the engine that would find its way into the Triumph 2000.

This small all-model brochure for the Standard range of 1962 featured both the Vanguard Vignale and the Vanguard Luxury Six, the cars being praised for their combination of “Italian styling and British craftsmanship”.