When promoting the Triumph Spitfire and TR6 to an American audience, British Leyland Motors Inc. of New Jersey boasted that its sporty twosome was “from the land of British Racing Green”. As this advert explained, “in international automobile races, green is the official colour of Great Britain”, a country described as the “Homeland of three of the top five racing drivers of all time”, as well as “the land that introduced sports cars to America”.

The British theme continued throughout the advert, with the TR6 lauded for being “classically British” and “one of the last wind-in-the-hair open sports cars”. As for the Spitfire 1500, this was “truly a piece of history, named after the fighter-plane that won the Battle of Britain”. And, of course, the Spitfire was also fun to drive and highly affordable: “Its cornering power is in the same league as the $5400 Datsun Z series, the $6900 Alfa Romeo GTV and the $12,000 Porsche 911”.