One of the best-known front covers for a Triumph Dolomite brochure was this example from December 1978, together with the headline: “The Dolomites… one of Europe’s great ranges.”

The idea was to show the 1500HL, 1850HL, and Sprint on the front cover, with the 1300 and 1500 on the rear – all of them set against the backdrop of the Italian mountain range that shares its name with Triumph’s saloon.

Except, of course, taking five brand new Triumph Dolomites to Italy for a mountainside photo shoot in the middle of winter (snow was deemed to be essential) would have been prohibitively expensive for a company with dire financial problems.

So Jaguar Rover Triumph Ltd. (as it was then known) opted for a studio shot, with fake snow on the ground and a huge mountainside mural behind the cars. It might have been a bit cut-price but somehow it had the desired effect.