Who remembers the Standard Atlas van of 1958, subsequently renamed the Standard 15 and 20 when fitted with larger engines from the Standard-Triumph line-up?

The range ceased production in 1968, by which time it was known as the Leyland 15/20 – and any survivors are now an extremely rare sight at classic vehicle shows. We certainly can’t remember the last time we saw one out and about.

Intriguingly, however, the Atlas lived on in India, with Madras-based Standard Motor Products producing it – badged as the Standard 20 – right through to the start of the ’Eighties, complete with ex-Vanguard 2.1-litre four-cylinder powerplant.

This particular brochure shows the 252-D Utility Van version of the Standard 20, a model that offered extra seating, rear side windows and a generous load area.

No wonder Standard Motor Products described it as a “multi-purpose van to carry men and material”.