speedwell hardtops

With racing driver Graham Hill as chairman, Speedwell Performance Conversions enjoyed a high profile through the ’Sixties.

But it wasn’t just its range of performance add-ons that proved popular, as Speedwell also offered a range of hardtops for the MGB, MG Midget and Austin-Healey Sprite, as shown in this period advert.

Prices started at just £37 and ten shillings for the Clubman Hardtop designed to fit the Midget and Sprite, rising to £49 and ten shillings for the MGB’s Monaco Hardtop, which came complete with quarter lights for extra visibility.

“The new Monaco hardtop for the MGB incorporates all the desirable features the fastidious owner expects”, boasted the ad.

All you had to do was contact one of Speedwell’s nationwide stockists, a list that included your local branch of Halfords.

Are there any CW readers who remember buying a Speedwell hardtop back in the ’Sixties? Graham Hill himself boasted: “We offer the best engineered speed equipment and special accessories”.