There was a time when one of the most desirable aftermarket modifications was a glass sunroof. Ah yes, remember those?

Offering a sturdier alternative to the traditional fold-back sunroof, a see-through version was a revelation at the time, with a tinted glass panel that either popped up for extra ventilation or could be removed completely for fresh air motoring.

Compared with the fabric sunroofs that had previously been popular, these new glass models offered greater security, were less susceptible to wear and tear, and provided a brighter interior.

First to the market was the UK’s Skyport Sunroofs, a company that went on to be the third largest sunroof manufacturer in Europe, with annual sales of 250,000 units at its peak.

This period leaflet for Oxfordshire-based Skyport insisted its product was “the sunroof for all seasons”, a claim supported by images of a MkI Vauxhall Cavalier, Mini 1275GT, Datsun 260Z and an early Honda Accord – each one looking resplendent with its Skyport sunroof.