Throughout the life of the P6 range, Rover made sure that the in-built safety of the car was used in its marketing. And that was understandable given the various trophies that this popular Rover line-up was awarded during its long career – including the AA Gold medal for safety.

Not surprisingly then, this brochure from the mid ’Seventies majored on the P6’s safety features, a list that began with the passenger compartment’s “robust steel cage designed to withstand distortion and protect the occupants”, and even included sun visors that were “softly padded and collapse on impact”. Then there was the fact that the steering box was “mounted high up on the scuttle at the rear of the engine” for extra head-on proection.

Rover was also offering Dunlop Denovo tyres as an optional extra by then, these run-flat tyres ensuring the car remained “controllable under almost any driving conditions” in the event of a blow-out.