Few adverts date more than those for in-car entertainment, with rapid changes in technology making car stereo ads from yesteryear seem comically dated now.

Take this Pye effort from 36 years, featuring the latest Lotus Esprit Turbo to add a touch of glamour – although the product being promoted was, of course, the latest Pye 2460 radio/cassette system.

Also shown in the ad was part of Cornwall’s Goonhilly satellite station alongside an explanatory headline: “You don’t need to be Goonhilly to have your own tracking system”.

And that’s because the new Pye set-up came with a “phase locked loop synthesiser” that automatically found the strongest signal for the radio station you wanted.

When on a journey, simply press a button and the system “searches for the clearest signal… and locks on to it”. This was all very clever stuff back in 1982.