Dating from the early ’Eighties is this ad for the Colt 1400 GLX, the Mitsubishi-built hatchback that offered a “unique extra that none of the competition can offer”.

Rather than coming as standard with a regular four-speed gearbox, the Colt boasted a dual-range transmission, effectively doubling the number of ratios to eight.

All you had to do was decide whether you wanted the ‘Power’ or ‘Economy’ setting and then simply change gear in the normal way.

You could even switch between the two different settings whilst on the move, with ‘Economy’ officially giving you “nearly 50mpg at a steady 56mph”, while further money was saved via the Colt’s use of “lower-cost 2-star petrol”.

So whether you wanted “low-consumption fuel-efficient motoring” or “maximum acceleration and performance”, the Colt 1400 GLX could apparently oblige.

Nevertheless, it remained a relatively niche offering here in the UK, and is now a rare sight even at Japanese retro car gatherings.