Having come across this 1977 image promoting the Lada 1200, we went online to find out just how dangerous a giraffe can be. You see, we thought we’d got it wrong. Maybe the giraffe is a big, cuddly beast that wouldn’t harm a fly.

But we suspected that wasn’t the case. And the top online response confirmed this: “Giraffes can certainly be dangerous, though it’s not their bite you need to worry about – a giraffe’s kick can kill a lion,” insisted an expert.

So what was Lada thinking when it showed its latest four-door saloon, complete with a young family enjoying a picnic… surrounded by Mr and Mrs Giraffe, their offspring, and even (in the background) a couple of zebras for good measure.

Were they suggesting that Lada owners were fearless – or simply lacking in common sense? It makes you wonder what goes through the heads of creative types…