Although the Hillman Hunter wasn’t rebadged as the Chrysler Hunter until 1977, this particular brochure from four years earlier made no mention of its original marque. The front cover simply announced the ‘Hunter by Chrysler’, while each of the 12 pages referred to it purely as the Hunter.

Chrysler had taken over ownership of Rootes back in 1967 and was gradually bringing in its own new identity, even if the cars themselves were little changed by 1974.

The Hunter had been around for a full eight years by then, although Chrysler insisted that it still had plenty to offer and was capable of putting the enjoyment back into motoring: “Hunter is the answer. Hunter has all that you want – and more – because Hunter is fun to drive.”

All you had to do was choose which Hunter suited you best from a line-up that comprised the DL, DL Estate, Super, GL, GL Estate and GT.