You wouldn’t expect a Ford Corsair 2000E to be bought for its fuel economy. According to this Mobil advert published in 1967, however, this powerful and luxurious saloon managed a rather impressive 35.69mpg in that year’s Mobil Economy Run.


This gave potential buyers an idea of the kind of fuel consumption they could achieve with a gentle right foot and, of course, the right kind of fuel: “The Run highlights the full mileage per gallon possible with the Mobil Economy Formula.”

The secret, insisted the advert, lay in the fact that the Corsair was both fuelled and lubricated by Mobil: “Mobil Super Special and Mobiloil Super, the outstanding petrol and oil used by Economy Run competitors, plus a Mobil-Tuned engine and the driving techniques illustrated in the Free Economy Driving Leaflet.” 

Providing extra information on how Mobil petrol and oil could make your car extra frugal, the leaflet was available at every Mobil filling station.