Back in the mid ’Sixties, Dunlop Rubber Company Ltd. published this handy little booklet in conjunction with Practical Motorist magazine. It was full of invaluable advice to car owners of the time, informing them how to get the most out of their tyres, how to spot faults and how to repair them.

Ah yes, those were the days when one of Britain’s best-selling car magazines would offer step-by-step advice on how to effect a tyre repair with the aid of a tubeless tyres patch kit and a tin of rubber solution.

This useful supplement also provided details of the kind of accessories the average motorist should carry with them in case of a tyre problem: “For fifty-one weeks out of the annual fifty-two, most tyre repair outfits repose untouched in the car tool roll. Wise motorists will, however, equip themselves against such contingencies, which inevitably occur when and where outside aid is not available.”