Ford was determined to go its own way in the ’Sixties, coming up with daring and original designs with which to tempt the style-conscious buyer. And although the trend began in late 1959 with the launch of the Anglia 105E, it reached a new peak with the debut of the new  in 1961.

But it wasn’t all plain sailing for Ford – although the new Capri was an attractive looking coupé that helped to give the company’s line-up a dash of extra style, it wasn’t a huge success, with fewer than 19,000 built before the final Consul Capri rolled off the line in 1964.

That was despite Ford’s bright and breezy marketing of the model, stressing its dazzling array of new colours (like Sapphire Blue and Caribbean Turquoise) and its head-turning looks, complete with “dramatic but restrained tail-end styling” and a “low sweeping roof line”.