clearmist advert

You’ve probably always assumed that a pair of fully-working windscreen wipers is any motorist’s main priority in poor weather. But not according to this advert for Clearmist, a hand-operated wiper easily fitted inside your car (yes, that’s the inside) and designed to keep your screen mist-free.

We’re going back to the ’Sixties, of course, when heating and ventilation systems weren’t as efficient as on today’s cars. Even so, a hand-operated internal windscreen wiper still seems slightly bizarre, even if the creators of this advert were convinced of its merits.

“Clearmist is a sponge-covered flexible chrome strip which is fixed to the interior windscreen with a rubber suction cap” explained the helpful text. “When your windscreen mists up, a simple hand movement wipes it clear in a second.” So much more professional than wiping your screen with a cloth, it seems.