This particular page from the 1979 brochure for the Austin Maxi sums up in three photographs just what made this five-door family-size hatchback such a useful car to have around.

With the back seat upright you had a large boot, capable of swallowing up to 12.6 cubic feet of stuff. With the back seat folded forward, this increased to 50.9 cubic feet – easily swallowing even the heftiest of ’Seventies-style washing machines. But its real versatility was saved for the main image, showing both front and rear seats folded flat.

“Fold all the seats flat and you create a double bed, or with just the driver’s seat upright you can accommodate narrow goods nearly 10 feet long – normally a roof rack job,” explained the ever-helpful copywriters.

Ten years on from its introduction, the Maxi was still one of the most accommodating cars of its size, insisted the brochure: “Space, comfort and versatility – there’s a wealth of each inside the Maxi.”