Here’s an advert aimed at American buyers of British-built sports cars. In this case, however, the emphasis was on aftermarket accessories rather than the car itself, boasting that “the Amco-equipped TR4 clearly reflects ownership pride!”

The advert was devised by Hollywood-based Amco, the producer of no fewer than thirteen different accessories for the TR4. Among that list were a boot-mid-mounted luggage rack, a ski rack, scuff plates, a choice of bespoke gear knobs, an astray/lighter combination, a tubular front bumper guard, green-tinted Plexiglass sun visors and a whole lot more.

So where could the TR4 owner find extra information about these great add-ons? Amco explained: “We have available a free full-color brochure with all TR4 accessories illustrated and described.”

Oh, and if you owned a roadster that wasn’t a TR4, the ad promised that a “complete line of Amco accessories is available for all sports cars”.