It was a busy weekend at the recent Lincolnshire Showground for Triumph fans. The TR Register were holding their annual International Weekend there, and on the Sunday they also hosted the Standard Triumph Marque Day.

The Marque Day is instigated each year by the Standard Triumph Forum, which brings together representatives of all the Standard and Triumph clubs for twice-yearly meetings to discuss any issues that affect them collectively, to share best practice and simply to keep in touch with each other.

On another of the baking hot weekends we are coming to expect this year but which surely cannot last, we headed to Lincoln on the Sunday and were rewarded with a wide range of cars, from daily drivers to concours queens.

The standard of the concours cars is always breathtaking and we are in awe of the owners who can restore and maintain their cars in such a fastidious manner, but just as interesting were the Triumph Survivors display of original and unrestored cars – less shiny for sure, but usually showing the scars of a life well lived.

The sound of the drag racing TR7V8 as it fired up in the arena and shook the ground like a mini earthquake was also something not to be missed. As one observer commented, that one snaking slide across the grass probably cost him £15 in petrol, but there were not many people in the audience who didn’t think it would have been a price well worth paying!

This is just a very small selection of the cars that caught our eye on the day.