The latest in H&H’s online-only sales, the firm’s April 27 auction was a lesson in how to do it properly. Rather than an anonymous eBay-style platform, there’s a proper live feed with an auctioneer – in suit and tie, no less – fielding both online and phone bids, with all the drama of a live sale.

In a two-hour session, some 40 lots were neatly dispatched and as usual the provisional bids were for the most part quickly and efficiently converted into sales.

The catalogue offered something for everyone, from a unusually tidy example of the Audi 80-based Audi Cabriolet sold for just £850, to an impressive £8000 result for the CTi convertible version of the Peugeot 205 GTI. Elsewhere, a late-model Range Rover classic LSE looked good value at its £5200 hammer price, as did an MGC GT in rare automatic form at £13,000 while a Jensen Interceptor tempted someone brave into a whole world of trouble for just £7000.

As ever, here are some of our favourites and you’ll find the complete list of cars and results at

XJS Convertible came complete with left-hand drive for those wanting a European mile-muncher and looked like a nice example for the £7600 hammer price.

A great cost-effective alternative to the now very pricey R107 Mercedes SL, this 230CE sold for just £1500, its value no doubt hit by needing some work and its record as a Category D insurance loss in 2006.

Nice examples of the third-generation ‘E36’ BMW 3-Series convertible are sought-after now, especially in 328i form. This 18,000-mile, one-owner example sold for £4600.

You can pay as much as you like for a split-screen VW camper these days, which made this example a tempting prospect at its hammer price of £15,000. Converted in period by Canterbury-Pitt, it had been in storage for some time but crucially looked to be bodily sound and retained its original interior features.

There are those who reckon the much-underrated MGC is at its best in self-shifting form and this 43,000-mile example sold for £13,000 which compares well with the more expensive MGBs out there.

The AC 3000ME was more usually Ford powered, but this prototype had been converted to Alfa 75 running gear as part of planned joint-venture before becoming the personal car of the MD. The very usable curiosity sold for  £16,500.

The Clio Sport 172 was a well-regarded hot hatch back in the day and this 49,000-mile example from 2002 made a great alternative to a pricey Clio Williams for just £2200.

The long-wheelbase, air-suspended, 4.2-litre LSE was the absolute top of the classic Range Rover tree and this 1993 example was hammered away for £7000.

This really was a lot for the brave but we’d all secretly like to have a go: the 1970 Interceptor II hadn’t been driven since 2009 and looked to need work inside and out. But at a hammer price of £7000 and with all the parts available from Martin Robey, it’s not an impossible task…

Suggesting that the soft-topped 205s may finally be gaining ground on their hatchback rivals, this 27,000-mile Peugeot 2.5 1.9 CTi was hammered away for £8000.