This was Barons’ first Saturday sale of the 2017 buying season on April 22nd, although as the higher prices of imported goods and raw materials impact on a softening economy, the going at the Sandown Park Racecourse venue was soft with only 43 of the 93 cars offered changing hands.

Some bullish valuations were nonetheless forthcoming for an open E-type V12 manual sold for £81,400, nearly £19,500 more than the pre-sale estimate, and the £35,750 bet on the continued good health of a 1976 Corniche Roller was forecast money. Whilst the £18,700 and £16,500 invested in cashing in on some pre-Brexit sunshine at the wheels of a brace of 1971 and 1976 vintage TR6s were motions of confidence in buying old motors to actually drive them rather than trying to make a quick buck for doing nothing. Three other TRs were successfully hammered away to new keepers too.

Aircraft carrier-sized 1961 Cadillac Eldorado Biarrtiz with pointy fins was first imported in 1963 by a US Army colonel serving at the Mildenhall base. More of a cruiser than a missile in his hands, the Caddy was restored in the Noughties and re-upholstered in the Teenies before selling here for £28,050.

The buyer of a still fairly original 1973 E-type S3 5.3 V12, a UK market and always right-hand drive with manual box and 50,000 total mileage, only just arrived at the sale in time, registering to bid whilst the Jag was being auctioned. He did bid though, winning the day and car for £81,400 with premium.

Much rarer in right-had drive form than left and possibly the only one painted in Pine Green was a 1970 Alfa Romeo 1750 GTV S1 fitted with early Recaros. Benefitting from £10,000+ invoices detailing refurbishment by Highwood Alfa plus a freshly issued MoT, the Bertone penned Tipo 105 sold for £11,550.

Blackpool is renowned for its Rock, Tower (and Tower Ballroom as seen on Strictly) and being the birthplace of Trevor Wilkinson’s TVR. The restored 1978 Taimar in the sale was far from standard though, a newly rebuilt 3.5 V8 from a Wedge and other mods boosting its selling price to £16,500.

As long as the engine does not suddenly fail in terminal fashion, an early Porsche Boxster can be extraordinary value for not a lot of your money. First generation 986s were powered by a 2.5 flat-six, from 2000 increased to 2.7. £2090 was accepted for 2001 Boxster guided at £2400-£4500.

with no visible rust in the panels behind the rear wheels!), and with cam-belt freshly renewed and gear-change mechanism overhauled, a 1982 Porsche 924 Turbo S2 with claimed to be non-smokey turbocharger seals went for a forecast £7480.

Home market 1972 Land Rover 88ins Utility (an S3, the most manufactured version with 440,000 built 1971-85) looked remarkably unmolested. With thin, but nearly all original paint, and apparently sound chassis and bulkhead, though tatty tilt canvas, this agricultural worker was landed for £4515.