In fact, it’s stretching a point but sat next to the Jaguar the MG did have a certain similarity to its general proportions – but let’s just leave it there before I whip up a storm of angry E-type owners…

Being a 1973 model, this ‘B comes with the black honeycomb grille inset in a chrome frame which I’ve always felt is the nicest of all the front-end treatments offered on the ‘B over the years and, finished in black, the car really looks elegant.

CCCR is primarily a restoration company and is justifiably proud of the standard of its body and paint, with concours wins to their credit and a string of Astons and Ferraris awaiting attention in the workshop. All of which explains why even though the GT was a nice sound example, it received a thorough going-over before being put up for sale. CCCR director Jonathan Wills explained that the car has been through the bodyshop to have any corrosion sorted out, and a nice job they’ve done too. Black is a notoriously unforgiving colour and the GT looks superbly straight with a lovely lustre to the paintwork.

Elsewhere, the alloy wheels have been refurbished and the interior retains the standard-issue black cloth seats, all in nice original condition. The car has covered just 32,000 miles and it shows in the general condition of the detailing and fittings.

During the work the GT received a new screen and driver’s side door glass to replace the scratched originals and, under the bonnet, the engine is standard B Series, although the customary alloy rocker cover livens up its appearance. One very useful upgrade is the addition of modern gas rams to hold up the tailgate, which makes shutting it a one-handed operation.

We didn’t get the chance to drive the GT far, but it certainly feels nicely sorted as you’d expect from its originality and low mileage. There’s always a difference between a completely rebuilt car and one which hasn’t ever been stripped down and the CCCR team reckon this one drives like a very good example.

I’ve always preferred the MGB GT to the roadster and certainly the 2+2 and handy hatchback gives it the edge when it comes to practicality, especially when the whole family wants to enjoy their classic motoring. Not everybody agres with me yet though, which makes the GT look like pretty good value and as a refurbished original car, this one offers all of the benefits of a restored car without the disadvantages.

ENGINE: 1798cc 4-cyl
POWER: 97bhp
TOP SPEED: 107mph
0-60mph: 12.2 secs
ECONOMY: 25mpg
GEARBOX: 4-sp man